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VF (View Factor Studios) Marker Slate App In Action!!

Dec 30, 2011 in New Gear

For those that were interested in seeing the VF Marker Slate app for the IPad in action. Here is a short BTS shot of it in a real world application.  The audio is straight from camera (GH-13), not from external audio and shotgun mic.



As you can see, there is no time code. The clock runs continuously. You can change the name of the production/movie, the shot,scene and take. You can mark FPS for future reference. You can also designate whether it is Cam A or Cam B.

Very basic functions, but effective for my use. The only issue that I have with it? I wish the tone were a few decibels louder. It’s not bad, just not as good as it could be. It’s a free app so asking for a alot of pro features implemented is a little much, but I would think that making the audible tone a bit louder would be pretty easy to fix.

All in all, it freaking works. Thanks for the free App View Factor Studios! I will using it alot, and I will sing your praises. And as soon as I win the lottery, I will buy one of your motorized follow focus units.

Im dsto, and I’m out!

Merry Christmas to (and from!) BrothersStudios

Dec 26, 2011 in It's News To You, New Gear

My wonderful daughter gave a wonderful and thoughtful present.

The Tascam Dr-2d

I cannot wait to try it out on a shoot. It will be awfully nice to have smalll compact recorder out in the real world. I will check back with a report on how it goes.

I’m dsto, and I’m out!




Re: Light ‘Em Up 2

Dec 21, 2011 in Learn To Film


The 2nd part of some fabulous lighting tutorials. Check it out at Philip Blooms site. See the video below.

The First Rule Of Film Club Is…

Dec 20, 2011 in Edutainment, Learn To Film

 Welcome to Film Club. The first rule of Film Club is: you do not talk about Film Club. The second rule of Film Club is: you DO NOT talk about Film Club! Third rule of Film Club: someone yells “cut”, goes limp, taps out the film is over. Fourth rule: only two guys film. Fifth rule: Only one film at a time, fellas. Sixth rule: No shirts, no shoes. Seventh rule: films will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: if this is your first time at Film Club, you have to film.

Actually….go here to read some cool words from the director of 12 Monkeys and The Fischer King

Light ME Up!

Dec 17, 2011 in credits, It's News To You, The Future...

I  was in the initial planning stages of building a lightIng kit that was closer to a proper bit of equipment. I ran across these a while back. Cowboy Studios light kits.



Cowboy Studio Light Kit

 They sell many things for film and still photography. To say they are cheap is an understatement. I’ve read the reviews. They are as cheaply made as possible. But they are also sold extremely cheap too. You can get this kit through Amazon Marketplace for $220.00 and free shipping. A steal. Are they top quality? No! Are they worth the price. I am thinking they are that and a bit more. I mean check out a comparable (?) kit from Lowell.




Lowell Rifa Light Kit

Lowell Rifa Light Kit



 No doubt the Lowell’s are a superior build. But they list for over $3000.00. Lowell and Arri are top of the field for reason, they make fantastic products that are sturdy and do exactly what the pros want them to do. But…..

I am as close as you can get to a NO budget filmmaker. Nobody is handing me any equipment to test or try out or use as an endorsement. I have to find ways to do what I love without the help of the big boys.

So unless Lowell or Arri comes to the rescue, I am going to take a chance on that cheap light kit from Cowboy Studios. I know they are better than I could build myself ( I am not all that handy) for $220.00

I’m dsto, and I’m out!

Light ‘Em Up!

Dec 14, 2011 in Film School, It's News To You

From the guys that filmed the practical FX video demo a few posts ago, a very simple, and effective lighting tutorial. Check this out at the @PhilipBloom website.

The video from site/Vimeo

Sometimes a reminder of basic techniques is exactly what we need!

It says “DSLR” Lighting, but, this applies to everything. Pretty sweet.

2012, HERE I COME!

Dec 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, 2011 is quickly drawing to a close. I do not have much to show for this year in the film department.

There is this.


And this.

YouTube Preview Image

Suffice it to say, not alot done on my part. Well, all of that is going to change this coming year. I guarantee it.

I am even considering Kickstarter. Raise some capital for a proper project.

My feature length screenplay, Sifter,  is almost complete. I will shoot that around to see if there are any takers.( it is Girl With The Dragon Tatoo meets Medium)

So keep an eye for BrothersStudios in 2012.


This is just too cool not to share!

Dec 13, 2011 in It's all good

I have no affiliation with these guys…just thought it was awesome.

The Canon EOS C300 and RED Scarlet (UPDATED LINKS!)

Dec 09, 2011 in It's News To You

Several big announcements occurred in November. If you are a filmmaker , big or small, you’ve seen the bulletins,the blogs,the updates and the debates. If you haven’t heard the news, get out from under your rock.
Finally, the *********Red Scarlet ( essentially the Epic minus some features )

********And Canon EOS C300

are released into the wild.
Alot to digest here. And much to debate about. I,for one, lean toward the C300. I’m a nobody filmmaker , so some of the touted specifics of RED don’t mean alot to me to be blunt. So check out what the pros are saying and figure out for yourselves what will be be best for YOU. Here are a few links to some great info…(watch the films too!)
I’ll start with the Canon bits: (thanks to Stu’s Tweet)

And the Scarlet bits:

And my favorite, a bit of an internal debate of the two, from Stu Maschwitz, writer of The DV Rebels Guide

See?! A lot to think about. A lot of money to spend.
The C300 seems like a lot of money to spend on the surface. But that price seems to be dropping a bit, even before the January release.
The Scarlets price is deceiving. It’s a doorstop without the thousands in “extras” you have to spend to have a shooting camera. The workflow is a little more difficult as well.
These are two worthy cameras. Both have draws. In the end, the price is similar. Pick one and shoot.
I think I choose the Canon C300. The touted lowlight sensitivity of this camera is very compelling. And the filmic look the Canon cameras produce is really appealing as well.
But if RED wants to give a nobody a Scarlet to shoot with, and see how an amateur fares, then bring it on!
All of this camera conflict brings me back to a fundamental of filmmaking; STORY IS KING!
If all you got is pretty pictures…well, you’ll bore me and everyone else.