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“Old Habits” ON HOLD

Jan 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The short,”Old Habits“, that we started several months ago, and actually got a couple of scenes completed, is on hold due the change in the assignment structure at LFS.

So, in order to meet the requirements of my 2nd filming assigment I am writing and in pre-production of a scene from a screenplay I am working on. The screenplay is called “Sifter“. More detail to come.

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Online Privacy….Not really.

Jan 20, 2011 in It's not that kind of's also a rant

Just another example of online  (and offline!) privacy going out the door. A newish site, , is really taking the dissemination of your private information to a new level.  It purports to know your income, religion, spouse’s name, credit status and the number of people in your household. It even offers a satellite shot of your house, complete with an estimated value. And it will sell you any of that information, about anyone you choose, for a nice little fee.

Unbelievable. And that is just part of what is wrong with this site….much of the information is unbelievable because of the inaccuracy of the information sold ,about you, to others.

According to some research by (which is where I have gotten this information) 

*”Of the 15 people we asked to research themselves on, 10 reported inaccuracies in their report. Of those, three said the information was mostly inaccurate, while the others noted only minor discrepancies, such as an incorrect address or the wrong number of people in their household. Only five said the data was completely accurate.”

Wow…not only are these jerks selling tons of way way too personal info about you, they knowingly sell you inaccurate info. They are using outdated and poorly maintained databases that spit out  lies about you, right along side tidbits of truth.

 And get this. The CEO and founder of, Harrison Tang, has blocked his own personal information on his own website. You, sir, are a jackwagon. I wonder if I have that option of opting out of allowing this moron from selling my information? In truth, this guy is selling information that they have compiled from many other sources. I bet you could find all of that information yourself, with alot of time and legwork, but really..REALLY? This guy blocks information , information that I guarantee he will defend is his right to sell to the highest bidder, and that he is breaking no privacy laws, and yet, he blocks that information about himself…I’d like to know what his reasoning is. What are you so scared of Mr. Tang? If this is all on the up and up…let the public buy your personal info just like my info is freely given. Well not free, you gotta line Harrison Tang’s pockets first.

*FTC spokeswoman Claudia Bourne Farrell confirmed to that the Center for Democracy and Technologyhas petitioned the FTC to investigate Spokeo for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act,” though she could not offer further details on an investigation.

So the only consolation in all of this? Let’s hope that the scary stalkers,thieves, and serial killers that are using this info to find you and harm you, get some really bad intel and show up at the wrong satilite imaged house. And that identity thieves think your middle name is really “Thadeus” as reported by these jerks.

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(*info taken from Spokeo a Growing Threat to Internet Privacy, Cyber Security Experts Warn By John Brandon on


Jan 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m tired. My back is a flaming mass of fiery agony.

Warm and Clappy

Jan 04, 2011 in Updates

My wonderful wife(and my mother in law because of my wonderful wife) presented to me a couple of pretty cool things for Christmas this year. Things of great value to BrothersStudios. When uitilized correctly,these  will enable us to initiate phase 2 of our plan for World Domination! Bwwwaaaahhhaaaahhhaa!

Warm Cards White Balancing System..these are really really cool…or warm actually.


And this Film Clapper Board…which will be really useful.

I am pleased…and so should you be… pleased, also as well..

Thank you!!!

I’m dsto and I’m out!