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Old Habits day 2 (or is it going to be 1….)

Jul 01, 2010 in Old Habits the movie

We shoot the “Calvin Adams” scenes tomorrow. Thanks to Josh “Smitty” Smith for playing the part of “Calvin Adams“.  Looking forward to trying out a few of the things I have learned this week.

My girls are leaving on the morrow. Lil’ K is heading off to Ballet Magnificat for their month long intensives. My wife is driving her down to MS. and taking her mother along to drop her off in TN. on the way. My oldest, Tosh, will be house sitting for her grandmother, so she will not be there either. So I will be glad for the distraction of filming as I will miss them greatly.

Big Bro D, wish you could be here.


A grab from our shoot with Smitty. he did a great job. Thanks Smitty!

Smitty, looking all dramatic and whatnot.

I’m dsto, and I’m out!