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ONYX, the band,the men. the legend.

Jul 26, 2009 in ONYX

I went to Cornerstone ‘09 a couple of weeks ago. My good friend Bobby and I spent 4 days watching some great bands and attending some pretty cool lectures. There were some great new bands that I thought are really good (Children 18:3 for instance). But the highlight for me was seeing some of the older guys get back together after a long, long time. These guys( they are my age!!!) really showed the younger guys what it’s about. The Crucified played a fantastic set. Playing stuff from waaaaay back in the day. Stavesacre ( which the lead singer of The Crucified formed after their break up in the 90’s) played ,as well as Living Sacrifice ( they have been back together for a little while) both had impressive shows. The “old farts” can still rock! And most important, they gave glory to Christ.

I say all this, not only to let everyone know just how cool I am, but to also say it made a bit nostalgic for the old days. I have decided to make an ONYX page here on I had our old reels to reels converted to digital several years ago and, other that making copies for the guys and a few friends to laugh at, I have never posted them anywhere. I think that before ’09 is over, it would be appropriate that we do so.

See, if memory serves me (Please….insert old man joke here) , this is 20 year anniversary of our last recording. (20  freakin’ years!!!!) Can you believe it has been that long??

Hence, the ONYX web site. It will be up and running very, very soon so you can  check out some photos, read some info and backstory, share a memory of your own, and, please, help yourselves to the songs, they will be available to listen to or to download.. The quality is bad, the songs are dated, but they are free, and fun.. We have a special email address just for the ONYX page: . Check back here for the link and address of the new site. The site is coming along. Although there are a few things to do yet. I am giving the link of what I have so far.

Jul 17, 2009 in New Video

I have posted our short film “Visionary” on our site for viewing now that we are out of the contest. You can see it here.

Visionary link 

It is a big file so be paient.


I’m dsto, and I’m out!

Visionary done and uploaded!

Jul 06, 2009 in New Video


Our short film is finished… least in the sense that it is uploaded and available for viewing at . This link takes you to a list of the movies that have been submitted and are available to view and rate. I think ours is #9 on the list. To “vote” for the films, on the right of each movie on the fest list is a row of stars to rate each movie. That is how they are voted for, the average rating of the movie. (ed. note: I just changes this to reflect my ignorance. There was a techninal glitch with my user name, I was not seeeing the rating system on the questfest page therefore not voting correctly. IF you  are member with enough comments to vote and you cannot see the rating stars next to each film where you download and watch them on this page , then you  need to contact one of the admins for )


Please remember that this is not necessarily a family friendly site and some of the movies that are in the online movie festival are rated “R”. Stephen and I have each seen bits of movies that are NOT family friendly. There are plenty that are more than ok for anyone to see. I will try to get a list posted of the movies that I have seen that are okay for anyone to see. (So far, I can attest to “Medal Of Honor”, ”Carpe Diem”, “Mahlen” , and “Empire” although “Empire” is a different kind of film, kind of artsy, with a scene that might be strange and disturbing to young ones. And of course “Visionary”, we also have some visions that flash by and might be a bit creepy to little kids, so be aware.)


I am pleased with the movie. There is plenty that I would change, or would have done differently, but this was a worthy learning piece. Go check it out and get on our thread and tell us what you think, and if you are a member that can rate these films, by all means let everyone else know what you think as well, by rating the movies you see. ( By which I mean go rate our movie as you see fit! )


On a technical note. All of the movies need Quicktime to play the films. (or the free open source media player called VLC Player. Google it and you’ll find it easy enough and you can download it. It seems to be a great piece of software that plays a lot of different types of files….and it’s free! Just be sure to get it from the official web site. It is an open source program and if you get it from antoher less reputable site, it may have some nasty suprises, just as with anything on the internets.) 


Thanks everyone!

I’m dsto, and I’m out!