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1st day of shooting complete…

May 20, 2009 in The Panasonic DVX-100b, Visionary:the movie

Well, I had envisioned getting the whole thing shot in one day…but alas, it just didn’t go that way. A bit of rain, alot of pedestrain traffic, and a whole lot of me not knowing what I am doing. Luckily for me, Steve did such a great job ,Krisha was a great big help ( she has a major acting role later as well!) and Darryl ,and Bobby were right on the money. Thanks all of you! That was a great, great first day. the footage we shot looks great, and the performances…well, Bobby is going to get the best actor award. He just put it all out there. I was really, really impressed. Darryl was perfect as the bad guy! Who knew!?

Here are a few pictures of the day of trafffic and alley ways

Note Stephen’s Badonk-A- Donk Pack (It’s much too big for a fanny pack)

Darryl getting told how much he was getting paid for his work ($0)

Thanks again Steve,Krisha,Bobby, and Darryl!

Shooting date for “Visionary” approaching

May 05, 2009 in Uncategorized

We are quickly aproaching the May 16th shooting date for “Visionary”

Bobby Rapson has taken on the lead role.


Thanks Bobby! He is going to be great! Everyone tell Bobby to breaK a leg….and remind him he is doing this for free….

I’m dsto and I’m out!