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“Another I” and “Visionary” are under production.

Apr 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Stephen is now a Questfest entrant.

His “Another I” short is in preproduction at our

Beavercreek Studios, Lot A. Jump over to his thread here and check it out. I have a May 16th shooting date plannned for “Visionary” You can check it out here.

Visionary Poster

Apr 08, 2009 in Visionary:the movie

Visionary the movie poster

Just thought you guys might like to see this.

p.s. I posted a video of a test of the 35mm adapter I have made. (it is a device so that we can utilize 35mm still camera lenses, they are (supposed!) to achieve a more filmic look, with a more shallow depth of field. In other words, you can have the subject in focus and other stuff out of focus, drawing your eye to the intended target.) 

 I call it the Snuff35, because the main tube is made out of 2 dip cans I scrounged from some guys at work, plus the ground glass holder I made out of the lids! Anyways check out the video. It is far from perfect, ( you can see the ground glass rotate as I focus with the 35mm,I was walking the whole time, handheld) but I hope to get it ready enough to shoot this film with it. 

(ed. note!) I made an impovement to the Snuff35! I added another lens after the focusing screen ( I guess it is technically an anchromat lens) and the dark edges you see in this video are gone! That was a big deal in being able to use this in our upcoming project. It actually seems to let more light in all together. I need to do a little clean up on the lens and seal the thing so that no dust or dirt gets in on the focusing screen. Any little spec that is  on there shows up because you are focusing in so closley on the screen that it looks like a boulder.

I’m dsto, and I’m out!

Visionary: A Questfest Pitch

Apr 03, 2009 in Visionary:the movie


Snippets of a dream. Flashes of a beautiful blonde woman. Strange images not yet understood. A man “awakens” from his vision. He must get to this woman. Why? Is she the one? Is she in trouble? Who is she? Where is she? Does this man even know her?
As the film progresses we are there as his flashes of insight become more and more coherent, the where, and when become obvious, but the why is still as elusive as the true meaning of the vision. Not until the last moment do we understand that this man must save this stranger. This beautiful woman will be killed if not saved by this man. He arrives in the nick of time to pull her to safety. A look of understanding and gratitude crosses her face. A glimmer of…adoration, a feeling of mutual attraction the man desperately desires and needs in his lonely existence. But it is short lived as a new vision overtakes him. With his gift, his curse, comes the responsibility to act. Only his swift response can save these virtual strangers, but at a price, a normal existence.
We see the mundane become obstacles for this obviously gifted man. Visionary, psychic, hero, whatever we choose to label this man, he is human, and he must overcome these everyday occurrences quickly to save a life, and to save himself from the insurmountable guilt that comes with failure. This man is on a quest to answer the call of his visions, to save strangers from disaster, or is it just to save his own peace of mind…

My pitch was approved. I have only showed it to Luanne. I am going to show you guys. Tell me what you think. Steve, if you want to do yours, you need to submit your pitch to one of the guys listed here on this thread of the official rules.

They asked for a simple pitch to see if you were abiding by the theme of the Fest. You had to “answer” some simple questions in your narrative. It was to read kind of like the back of a DVD sleeve.
Tell me what you guys think. I have the “script” all done. There is really no dialoge to speak of (no pun intended) I will post that script (ha get it! Post script!) if you guys want.

I’m dsto, and I’m out!