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The Nelson Report is ONLINE!

Dec 31, 2008 in New Video, The Blackberry Storm

We have a new video posted. A Vlog by our favorite uh, mmmm… “special” person…Nelson!

Check it out here!

Blissfull Mullets

Dec 26, 2008 in Mullets, New Video, RAWK!, Uncategorized, YEE HAW!

Check it out! A paraody Bro Stephen and I did of Luannes Blissfull Style installments! you can also view the tiny version on the right—->

Blissfull Mullets from Luanne Storer on Vimeo.

I’m dsto and I’m out!

Help us write a script for a original!

Dec 16, 2008 in New Video, Sony Handycam HD

I’m gonna try something new here. We are all going to write the script for a very short Short Film. I will write the setting (time, place, characters etc..)and the first line. Then someone else writes the second line and then someone else will write the next, etc.etc. until we have an ending. We will then put it on film and broadcast the finished result here at Let’s see what you budding script writers and directors can come up with!

So, here we go. 2 guys are in a coffee house, shooting the breeze. Greg and Buzzsaw. 2 very different guys as evidenced by the names. One is a biker and the other is an accountant. They are discussing the economic crises in our country.

Buzzsaw – scruffy, long haired dude with tattoos and sleeveless flannel shirt.

Greg- clean cut, “preppy” looking guy in a polo.


Buzzsaw: Greg, I just got laid off! And there doesn’t seem to be anyone hiring a guy in my line of work..



Now,someone fill in the next line! Let’s make something special!


I’m dsto, and I’m out!

It’s an odd Cristmas!

Dec 06, 2008 in It's not that kind of's also a rant

Well. We are all officially under an economic storm warning. With Christmas fast approaching, how are you handling the pressure to buy gifts and travel this year? Gas has certainly come down alot, that helps. But there are a lot of folks with curtailed work schedules (me…) and outright layoffs. Are you doing something different this year to cope with an economic downturn? We always say ” this year we are going to get back to the true meaning of Christmas!” And then we proceed to buy,buy,buy. I am guilty. But maybe we are all going to be forced this year to cut back on the consumerism and let people know we love them without the gifts and hoopla. God gave us the ultimate gift, his son, Christ, (get it?! “Christ”mas….) 

Maybe we can get back to basics. Maybe this year we will mean it when we say this year won’t be about buying stuff. Even if we are forced into it because our literal cupboards are bare. God has filled my spiritual cupboards to overflowing. My wife and kids, my church and home group, The great time I have had making stupid movies with my brothers and family and friends. People gave of themselves. Things that came from the heart and not the wallet.  I have been given some awesome gifts this year. I can repay these gifts in kind. I can definitely afford that.  It won’t cost me a dime…..

I’m dsto, and I’m out!


p.s.. Go Cowboys! Stupid Cowboys……