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Summer of love(ing to do nothing on this site and losing all of our viewers and making everyone mad cause we haven’t posted any new videos or anything)

Aug 23, 2008 in Uncategorized

Well, apparently we took the summer off. I made a few commitments that I have not kept.(sorry everyone!)Our Southern brother (Darryl) is making a trip up next week and we will be making a few things to post. My family has taken a couple of trips this year, as has Brother Stephens family.

The New Thunder Brothers Movie is still in the works. Stephen has a script sketched out and we have been working the behind the scenes stuff.( which usually consists of us making each other laugh with stupidideas.) I am hoping to have a preview/trailer up soon. I will not make any more promises, but we should have some new stuff up soon. And I will post more blogs as well…….i promise….just kidding,no I am not…just kidding, just kidding, no,yeah, no…just kidding.