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Are we there yet?

Jul 25, 2008 in credits, New Video, suggestions

Isn’t summer a nice and relaxing time? Over time at work to cover the vacations of your coworkers. Busy schedules at home. A nice summer flu to give you a break from all of the monotony. The brothers have been working on some ideas and one of these days we are going to get to work on them. Bro Stephen has come up with an idea for a slightly more ambitious project starring the Thunder Brothers. ( the name we have christened the dudes from the Ted Nugent commercial ) We got together to talk a few things through but we ended up watching someone else’s videos and just having a good time with our wives and Ethan. Ah well. It was worth it just to hang with my wife, my brother and his family.

We are going to so the 5things shortly and we have decided who the winning contributor is. You will find out the next 5things very,very soon.

And as a side note. Google” Brothers Studios “. We are 3rd or 4th on the list. I don’t know what that means or anything other than I think it is pretty cool. GET OUT OF OUR WAY WARNER BROTHERS!

So tell your friends about us and tell google to put us #1. See you guys soon.

And gives a comment and tell our good friend Bobby that he will make a fantastic villain in our new project. And if you know us and have an itch to be in our short film. Send us an email    We would love to find a role for you. We may already have one perfect for you!


I am back…but not better than ever.

Jul 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

My family and I are back from our mission trip. It was a great experience and I hope and pray we helped. Go on over to my wife’s site  to read a little more about it. I picked up a bug (not the creepy crawly kind..the virus kind) and have been under the weather (although it felt like a bus was on top of me not the weather)

I am looking forward to getting started on the Double Thunder Short. I read the script and it looks like fun.

August is coming up and we need suggestions for the 5things for August! So lets hear em people! I know you guys can do it! Talk to you guys soon.


Is that Thunder Thunder I hear?

Jul 10, 2008 in Blog, Energy Drinks, Mullets, New Video, RAWK!, YEE HAW!

Well,  either Big Brother D and I are the only ones not out of town this week or nobody else liked that last blog. 

Oh well, I have finished the script for Double Thunder, the mini movie staring your favorite energy drinkin’, mullet rawkin’ bros.  In this movie they rock the kung-fu(sort of), and talk in english dubbed to chinese dubbed back to english with chinese subtitles.  Did you catch all that?  I wrote it and I’m not sure I caught it all.  So as soon as Dsto returns, we can start planning the production process of the movie.  But don’t worry, we will have some preview footage up and running soon.

Funniest Lines in a Television Show!

Jul 05, 2008 in Blog, Commercials, Uncategorized

I just saw a show on a certain “Orange Network” that had one of the funnies lines ever, I think so:

“You ate my sock cake. Why did you eat my sock cake? I don’t even know you. Why would you eat my sock cake?”

The Sock Cake is a cake shaped like a sock.  the person that made the sock cake just finished it and turned around and a little kid(that he didn’t know) ate half of the cake before he turned around again.

Anyways, if you have a favorite line, either from a television show, commercial, movie or what ever, just blog it in we could all use a good laugh.

Bro. Stephen

p.s.- this is my first blog posting so…

We’re Living In The Future!

Jul 03, 2008 in The Future...

I am a sci-fi nerd. Not a Trekkie like my family tries to claim, but I do like the future. I have been telling my family for years, ” just wait until we have a computer chip in our brains.” I have this vision of the future and we are getting very close to it. I just thought this article was cool (AND verification of my “computer chip in the brain” idea. ) so.. “AHAA!! I told you so!”
By Steve Mollman

(CNN) — You probably arrived here via a hyperlink. We hardly think about it now, but the hyperlink is a neat trick. It turns a word in a browser into an object that leads to more information.

                                                                                             Looking to the future: A visor that gives you reality, but with added extras and info, and an 'augmented reality.'
Looking to the future:A visor that gives you reality,
but with added extras and info,and an ‘augmented reality’.

The program is like hyperlinking on steroids — combined with right-clicking on steroids. For example, highlight “100” and — within the right-click menu — convert that figure from miles to kilometers, or Fahrenheit to Celsius. Select the word “camera” for an in-place translation into Korean or French, or be taken to the Wikipedia entry for camera.

You could do all this manually at various web sites, but the program reduces the tedium and thus encourages you to explore.

It “allows all words to be associative in whatever way the reader feels is useful at the time,” explains Hyperwords founder Frode Hegland. Hyperwords is a great tool.

But it works only on computers. Why can’t real-world objects receive a similar treatment?

Consider a movie poster. Why can’t you click on it to bring up reviews, show-times and theater locations? In Japan and now other countries, two-dimensional “QR codes” found on everyday objects allow for something like this.

It’s easy; take a picture of the code with your camera-phone and you’re provided online information about that object, which you view on the phone’s screen.

But why can’t any real-world object — with or without a code — be enriched by virtual information, accessible through a cell phone screen, a visor, or, looking even further into the future, contact-lens displays?

On an experimental tour of Atlanta’s historic Oakland Cemetery, the tombstones “talk.” Using a high-end cell phone, you can hear the dead speak of their lives and times. Or you can read about them on your screen, or see related still images or video.

A map on your GPS-enabled phone shows which tombstones nearby are “interactive” — no equipment is installed on the grounds.

This graveyard, then, has been enhanced, or augmented, with virtual features. The researchers behind these experiments work in the field of “augmented reality.”

Who wants straight reality when you can augment it

Augmented reality (AR) — or the “real world Web” — has been listed by research firm Gartner as one of the most disruptive technologies companies could face over the next few years. The possibilities of AR are impressive.

During a heart transplant, identifier labels can be superimposed over the valves and chambers of a beating heart. On airplane factory floors, AR visors help electricians navigate complex mazes of wiring. Military minds dream up darker uses of AR.

Early on, consumer products might be predominantly entertainment-oriented, available not just on cell phones but also handheld gaming and other devices.

For instance there’s the “magic book” idea, where every page can host a virtual 3-D pop-up that’s viewable through a visor.

Or “AR tennis,” where a virtual tennis court is superimposed on a real table and you view the action through your cell phone screen. The “racket” is your cell phone, which you wave through the air to hit the virtual ball. (Just don’t topple your beer with your backhand.)

Offerings similar to these might reach store shelves within a year or so, believes Blair MacIntyre, who directs the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which devised the cemetery experiment.

But it will be some time before you can “click on people,” or stand on a street corner and look at an augmented world through your phone or visor.

One challenge: the world shifts around a lot. Historic attractions are practical early targets because they’re fixed in place, steeped in history, and have visitors. AR researchers in the UK have cited Hadrian’s Wall as an example, or the historic battlefields of Europe.

Meanwhile cell phones keep getting more advanced. The cemetery experiment initially required several pieces of equipment. Now a Nokia N95 will suffice.

Soon phones “with the next generation of application processors will be able to do much more complex things since they will have more processing power, better 3-D graphics, and support better cameras,” notes MacIntyre.

Meanwhile handset makers like Nokia and various communication companies are working on their own AR projects.

And MacIntyre’s team, along with others, hope to create a widespread AR “player” for cell phones.

MacIntyre foresees the need for something like the web’s HTML (hypertext markup language) so that AR content can cross platforms — perhaps “ARML” for “augmented reality markup language.”

As with HTML, it would allow for links that anyone can follow — but starting from the real world.

It’s News To You..

Jul 01, 2008 in It's News To You

I have been wanting to do an SNL type news break. I haven’t had the time( and  I will not in the next 2 weeks or so since my family is going on a mission trip to the heart of Kentucky) and the bit I had written up will be too old by the time we get back. Soooo,  I am  gonna give you guys the written version. I know, I know, it will not be the same without seeing my precious face but you can just imagine me doing this as a news broadcaster. So here we go. News From the Miami Valley. Or Gems City Gems, or Dayton Daily Crud..whatever.

Thieves take pond and fountain, leave yard high and dry

Saturday, June 21, 2008

DAYTON – June 17: A resident of 1100 block of Wright Avenue reported that unknown subjects dug up the pond and fountain that were in her front yard.

The 10-square-foot, three-tiered pond along with pump, fountain head and extension cord were valued at $520.

In other news. On June 18th , Police were called to the 1200 block of Wright Ave in response to a complaint by the hosts of party that had gotten out of hand. The residents reported damage to their brand new 10-square-foot,three-tiered BEER pond with pump, fountain head and extension cord estimated at $520.


Man bursts into wrong house

ENGLEWOOD – June 18: A resident in the 600 block of West Wenger Road reported criminal damaging.

She was in her bedroom when someone banged on her door. As she was making her way to the front door, a man kicked the door in and stepped inside.

He was screaming for “Sarah.” The man left when he saw the resident wasn’t the woman he was looking for.

The resident said he appeared to be drunk or on drugs, but didn’t attempt to hurt her or steal anything.

I wonder if he was looking for Sarah Conner,cause he’ll be back

Pregnant woman hits boyfriend with vehicle on I-75

Saturday, June 28, 2008

DAYTON – June 18: An officer exiting Interstate 75 at Third Street downtown witnessed a man being struck by a vehicle. He was knocked up several feet in the air and over the back of the vehicle. The man landed in the grass divider near the exit ramp. The women reportedly said, “Well, he knocked ME up!”. The officer told the man to stay down until medical help arrived.


Officer finds man passed out at Fairborn gas station

Monday, June 23, 2008

FAIRBORN – June 8: A patrolling officer observed a male lying on the front step of Valero gas station, 301 N. Broad Street, and stopped to question him. The subject was passed out and smelled of alcohol. He didn’t awaken when the officer tried to rouse him. A sternum rub was administered (to wake him up) and the subject then tried to shove the officer. The subject was finally awakened and said $4.11 per gallon!”. He then passed out again.  The officers let him go.



Man, wearing diaper after losing a bet, gets a trip to jail

Thursday, June 12, 2008

FAIRBORN – June 8: An officer responded to a traffic complaint in the 1100 block of South Maple Avenue and observed an adult male wearing a white diaper, suspenders and a T-shirt.

The subject was gesturing toward his groin area at passing vehicles.

The subject also was directly across the street from Fairborn Middle School.

He complied when ordered to sit in the police cruiser, and stated he lost a bet the previous night and had to wear the diaper.

The subject was informed he was causing a traffic hazard and was taken to jail.

He was photographed there in his outfit and served with a citation on a charge of disorderly conduct.

I really don’t have anything to add to that


Anheuser-Busch strikes caffeine-free deal with Ohio, 10 other states

Friday, June 27, 2008

Columbus, Ohio – Drinkers who want an alcohol buzz and a caffeine pick-me-up won’t be able to swig Tilt or Bud Extra anymore.

Anheuser-Busch struck a deal with Ohio and 10 other states to stop making the popular premixed alcoholic energy drinks.

We don’t want our drunks hyped up on caffine,We want our drunks, tired and passed out in strangers lawns as they should be!,” Ohio Attorney General Nancy Hardin Rogers said in a written statement on Thursday, June 26.