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5Things For June!

Jun 26, 2008 in 5Things

The 5Things for June is up as of last night. See it here ! Enjoy the 5Things you should not do when changing a diaper! (thanks Jenny!)

(ed.-correction! I uploaded the wrong version! I did not have the credits at the end that Jenny so deserved! So, check out the REAL video with the congrats to Jenny at the end for giving us the winning theme for June’s 5Things!)

We have a winner!

Jun 24, 2008 in 5Things, credits, suggestions

Da Brothas!Brother Stephen and I and our significant others will be filming a 5things this evening. The winner of the 5things theme for this month (albeit a little late) is Jenny from ! Congratulations! She wins a fabulous all expense paid trip to and her name in the credits of this awesome new video! Wow! Thanks for the wonderful idea for June’s 5things. If you have not been keeping up comments here at and you have no idea what the theme might be, you’ll just have to wait and see the video when we finish it! Stayed tuned, same bro time,same bro channel.

My wifes got her deal on!

Jun 21, 2008 in 5Things, RAWK!

My wife has some amazing deals going on over at her site, So please go check it!

I went to the Demon Hunter concert last night with some buddies ( Bobby,aka the honorary brother in “When The Wives Are Away“, Ken,  the dude I am in a men’s Bible Study group with, and Adam, awesome drummer and concert going partner) My wife was going to go but she came down with a little bug and could not make it. Ken took her place. Ken is really not as pretty as my wife(sorry Ken) and I missed her presence. The show went on without her though. We got there a little late due to a schedule change that no one informed us about, so we saw the last bit of Oh Sleeper’s set. They were very good. Very heavy, and very good. Then the reunited Living Sacrifice turned out a killer set. They seemed like they didn’t miss a beat after not playing together for 5 years.(For those that don’ know the story, one of the members of Living Sacrifice was in Evanescence, the very popular band with the female lead singer, that decided after gaining a bit of popularity were not Christians anymore , and the dude said forget this, I AM a Christian and left a band that was making some serious scratch. So Big Props to that guy for being real and not selling his soul to the devil, if you know what I mean.)Then Demon Hunter put on a great show. Loud and charismatic. They had a great set. What really surprised me was the fact that the whole audience was totally into them. They knew every word to their songs and screamed along with them. I really had a good time. Thanks guys for the great evening.

We have alot of work to do to make this little adventure we call a success. I know that I have slacked off here this month. I promise to do better, and I know that Brother Stephen will tell you the same thing. We want everyone that visits our site to have a good laugh and then go tell all of their friends about this awesome site they found. So we will pick up the pace and get some crazy cool new content on the site for your enjoyment. 

Thank for your patience. Da Brothas!

Oh, brother where art thou?

Jun 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Bro Stephen, the other brother of is on vacation. I hear he played a crappy round of golf and is enjoying the beach. He took a camera with him so I expect to have some cool video of the vacation we all wish we could have taken.

The 5things for June has been in a holding pattern due to time constraints and when he gets home we will shoot a funny 5things for all to enjoy. It may turn into July’s 5things but, oh well. we are our own bosses and we can do what we want, at least until someone starts paying us.


“It’s Not The End Of The World,

Jun 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s Not The End Of The World, It Just Looks Like It From Here”, the new video is up and running like mad! Get in on the action while you can! Hats off to my wife and daughter for their riviting performances. Oscars to both!

Friday the 13th. A Fathers Day weekend!

Jun 13, 2008 in Its Not The End Of The World It Just Looks It From Here, New Video

Folks, it has been a slow beginning to June for

we have all been so busy with our jobs and family that we have not put up anything new (with the exception of Big Bro D’s cool stop motion animation video Lulu’s Abduction. I imagine that the Alien Abduction story line is in honor of the impending release of the new X-files movie ” I Want To Believe” p.s. I want to see another one that will be even better than your first cool one)

My wife, Luanne, my daughter Krisha, and I shot a quick video the other night. I will edit it this weekend.

I love the editing process. It is fun to me. It can be frustrating, but putting all of those pieces of footage together into a linear, coherent story is cool. There is a sense of control that is interesting. That is where the vision you have in your head comes all together. We are only goofy amature movie makers (and believe me, I use the term movie maker very very loosely!), but I cannot imagine a real director on a real movie  ever not wanting to edit his own movies, or at the very least be sitting in on the process dictating what is happening every step of the way.( maybe every director does this, I am not a Hollywood insider) Imagine having the pressure of millions of millions dollars ( how long before the first billiondollar movie?!) invested in a movie that you are in charge of, only to have it come out very different than you envisioned because of someone else’s editing,because they have a different opinion of the way things should be?

But I digress, A new movie will be posted asap. It is called “It’s Not The End Of The World, It Just Looks Like It From Here.”

Yeah, long title, but I do not want it to give anything away about the movie, but still convey that sense of hopelessness  hilarity!

So long for now!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jun 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

I present to you, Lulu’s Abduction . This is our Brother from the south, Big Brotha D’s, first attempt at Stop Motion Animation. Not too bad eh? I think he is definitely on to something. So Give him some comments about what you think and what you may want to see from him in the future. The music is from the Silver Tear Conspiracy, Knoxville Alt Rock act. (go check out their myspace page.) Enjoy!


Jun 05, 2008 in New Video

What did everyone think of the TomTom video? I want to know if we are on the right track here. I realize we have a lot of work to do in this fickle, entertain me now, I want to see something funny or else ,internet A.D.D. society so…

Let us down gently, but give us some honest feeback so we can make you laugh. Do you want to see more romance? ( kind of a disturbing thought….) Do want more action? Do you want more slapstick? How about more knock knock jokes?

Give us a minute of your time and tell us what is right, AND what is wrong with our videos.

Brother Steve is going on vacation soon. I hope he brings me back something nice has fun. He is taking his wife and little boy to the beach. (lucky dog!)  Have a great time! We’ll hold down the fort for you!


Morning sickness….

Jun 02, 2008 in Mondays, Mullets, New Video, Sony Handycam HD

It’s Monday again. Can I get “woot woot!”? Okay, for some of you that’s not funny at all…But maybe these videos will be hilarious to you. Another contribution to Make Me Laugh Monday sponsored by Absolutely Bananas.

We have for your viewing pleasure, the brand spanking new video “When TomToms Go Bad” . And as an added bonus for our Spanish speaking friends ,The Ted Nugents New Drink Commercial “En Espanol” (our sincere appologies for our butchery of a fine language..) And as promised..this is it for this tired, over used ,and abused video…although I am gonna have to wear the mullet wig a few more times..I may even wear it for another video!

(*see the previous post about the new video and the cool camera that our good friends let us borrow! The lady of that household is from fame!)