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When TomToms Go Bad

May 30, 2008 in New Video, Sony Handycam HD

The new video is posted as of this morning. When TomToms Go Bad is a techno thriller that will scare the pants off of any Navigation System owner (ed. note-my wife made fun of me for saying “Nav. System” in the video so I decided not to abbreviate!) . 

( keep your pants on until you watch the video Darryl!) I hope you enjoy.

One of the computers in my home refuses to play the thing. The other 2 play it just fine. So if you have any trouble with it, please let us know so we can figure out the why’s and how’s.

On a side note (or maybe not) This video was shot using our good friends ,the Rapson’s, brand new HDD Sony Handycam 30 gig hard drive video camera. First of all, Thank you very much to the Rapsons for letting us try out your awesome new camera. Second, I am sorry to say that the camera is lost. I have no way of returning it to you since I cannot seem to find it anywhere. I just hope I can locate it in time for our next shoot. Okay now that I have that out of the way, As I sit and look at the camera, As I remember the features of the camera, one thing stands out. IT ROCKS! It is very easy to use. Even an idiot can use it, as evidenced by the fact that we actually have a video posted using the thing. The picture quality is amazing (HD baby!) even downgraded to mpeg2 for editing and posting(I have yet to figure out how to get my editing program to download the new HD format, although I am told it is possible) The lens captures all light very well. The touch screen LCD is a pretty cool feature. Overall, without turning this into a Sony review site, I have to say that I am impressed by the camera. Thanks again, Rapsons. As soon as I feel like it,  As soon as I find it, I will return it to you.

Enjoy the video! And as I said a post or 2 back, the last version of the Nuge Commercial (thank goodness!) will be up tomorrow!

We got a couple of things coming down the pipe..

May 25, 2008 in 5Things, New Video, suggestions

Bro Stephen and I filmed a new video last week and the editing is about to begin. Expect the new video to appear early next week. I think it could be our best one yet.  And the still yet to be released final version (This is the last time we subject you to that thing, I promise!) of the Nugent commercial. Next month’s 5things will be coming up soon, so get your suggestions in for any list of 5things (e.g.  5things not to tell your kids before bedtime, 5things not to wear to Prom….) This is your last chance before we shoot to get your name in the credits. And who would want to miss the chance to get your name in a video seen by half dozens weekly! So leave a comment on this entry with your ideas for the next 5things video!


Leave It To Stephen.

May 19, 2008 in Mondays, New Video

As the last post in the blog indicated, yeserday was Brother Stephen’s birthday. We posted a video in his honor and we would love for everyone to take a look. There is a personal message from me  to my brother at the beginning and it would be my honor for you to see that as well. I seem to have less and less shame and dignity as this whole video thing rolls on. I hope that I can recognize the ever nearing line I am in danger of crossing. I would hate to do irrepearable damage to my families phyche.  So enjoy our gift to my Brother Stephen “”Leave It T0 Stephen” and leave him happy birthday wish.

p.s. the new 5things video for next month will be shot soon. So if you want your name in the credits, leave us your idea for 5things and if we use them we will give you a plug!

Brother Stephen

May 16, 2008 in cake, YEE HAW!

Well, I want to get this on the blog/comment site before the weekend starts.

My Brother Stephen (that is why we are and he is brother Stephen ) is having a birthday this weekend. My “little” brother will 32 on Sunday. It just seems lke yesterday that he stopped wearing diapers. Wait..that was yesterday. Anyways,  he is all grown up and I can say with no shame that I love you Brother. Everyone please wish my brother a Happy Birthday. He is the funny brother of ,I am just the guy with the camera.

newdrink tumb Steve on his wedding day. ( he is on the right)

   Happy Birthday!                         

Leave your birthday wishes for Brother Stephen in the comments section for this post!

(don’t tell him, it’s a surprise, but come back Sunday for a special birthday video in honor of Stephens birthday!)

Wednesday Walkabout

May 14, 2008 in It's all good

I just want to tell everyone happy Wednesday.  

I remember hearing the term “hump day” when I was in my early teens and thinking “That sounds dirty!”.  But one day, my mind emerged from the gutter to finally understand just what that means. Yes, hump day is the day we all celebrate Quasimodo, that bell ringing cat of the Fighting Irish. I think he was a Full-back on the National Championship team in the controversial ’58 season.  So every Wednesday, or Hump Day, cry out “Sanctuary!” and remember that ball carrying, bell ringing dude. All together now “Quasi’s Got Back!” 


Nother Monday.

May 12, 2008 in Commercials, Energy Drinks, Mullets, RAWK!, YEE HAW!

Just another Monday. I posted the Directors Cut ( or Duh-rectors Cut) of our New Drinks commercial. I was editing this thing and I was thinking that my brother and I are either geniuses or idiots. I guess it would be a little arrogant to call myself a genius , so I’ll stick to idiot. Enjoy the behind the scenes  look at the making of a fake commercial, by fake actors ( although,  if your acting like an actor, then I guess your’re acting ,which makes you an actor..) but real live geniuses idiots!


Saturday Night Fever

May 10, 2008 in It's not that kind of's also a rant

I got a fever! And the only prescription is….well besides the cowbell… 

My wife has a great new site,not only for her buisness selling quality cosmetics with world class service, but also a blog with her tips on fashsion,make-up and other beauty stuff( people should take these tips seriuosly,cause she is a georgeous woman). She leaves Friday for her own personel “blah” blog. Whatever she wants to write about. So I am goiing to follow her example and do one today. My Blah! Here we go.

I am tired of crap. Tired of the worlds insistence to have it their way(sorry Burger King,no offense) We live in a why me, I am a poor victim I deserve what I want when I want it now society and I am getting a bit tired of it. I am just as gulty as the next guy at being selfish and impatient, but I am also not going to run to the hills when things get too tough. I may pout a bit and get grouchy and make everyone in my household miserable, but  I am in for the longhaul. Whatever it may be. Too many people hit the road as soon as the boss tells you something you dont like ,or your teacher gave you a bad grade, or the wife wants you to (gasp!) take out the garbage.  And the crazy thing is, these people may have a legitiment gripe! But to run like hades just cause you feel bad? Or your feelings are hurt? Or someone “just doesn’t understand me!”. I am beginning to think that this is the epitamy of selfishness.

” I am taking my ball and going home” is the theme and if I can’t have it exactly my way then I am not going to listen to anyone or anyting that doesn’t jibe with WHAT I WANT.  As I said, I am guilty man. I too can be a selfish jerk. I pray that I am learning a few things from my observations and experiences this past…well ,year.

Pray for me and mine. And to you, my freinds, I will do the same. Pray for our world,our country, that we would all be the type of people that can hear truth, especially from those that love us most, and take those truths to heart. It’s a hard life sometimes and even harder when you paint yourself into a box,  a”why me, it’s all about me” box.

And remember…God’s got your back,baby!


I hate to do it….but I’m gonna anyways!!

May 06, 2008 in Energy Drinks, Mullets, RAWK!, YEE HAW!

The “directors cut” of the New Drinks Commercial will be posted when I return to casa de dsto. It may provide a little insight…I mean it will provide little insight…Oh well.. I really made it for myself. I am going to subject all of our fans fan( oh yeaahhh,you know who you are! what what!?!) to the Nuge lovin’ hicks another time. And then our friends South of the border ( hehe, RIGHT, SOUTH!) will get a bit of a treat in the next few days. Stay tuned, same bro time, same bro channel.


It’s a crazy world out there……

May 04, 2008 in It's all good, suggestions

We all go through crud.So take a few minutes and laugh ( or cry depending on what you think of the videos) If you need a break,take one…or two, and check out a few of the vidoes we have, then leave your suggestions for a funny peice we can do. We are going to shoot a new one in the next week or so. If you want to see your idea up on the little screen, then drop us a comment. And don’t forget…it’s all good. God’s got your back,baby. So kick back and laugh…..and watch this months edition of 5things at (click on the top thumbnail tiltled…what else, 5 things -April 2008) The latest edition includes 5things you really should not do together.

dsto (p.s. our good friend Jenny at was kind enough to include us in her blog last Monday in her Make Me Laugh Monday, sponsored by I am submitting our new 5things video. give it a look and check out the other funny stuff and spread the word!)


New Blog Page!

May 01, 2008 in Blog, cake

Well, we have re-worked the blog page. Actually it is a brand new blog. I believe that the other blog was too difficult to respond to. This is soooo much easier. You do not have to sign up for any kind of account or any thing, just fill in the blanks and leave your comment. Easy as Cake! Mmmmmm.. Cake……..uh..gotta run!