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We Are Educational Too??!

Apr 29, 2008 in 5Things, credits, Edutainment

Monday, April 28, 2008

It’s official…we are now edutainment!Wow! What more can you ask for? Some guys doing idiotic stuff and we educate and inform! Stay tuned this week for a new segment we will regularly visit called…5Things.

This week will be especially special. Our brother Darryl guest stars, helping us show things that you shouldn’t do.Ever. Let’s just say that we take “don’t try this at home”(or anywhere else for that matter) to a new level.

Send us your list of 5Things after watching the video and maybe we will use it in a future episode! It can be any 5Things (a top 5 list, 5Things no one should ever wear, 5 people that should never run for President….be creative!) You’ll even get credit in the credits!

It’s on!

Apr 29, 2008 in Commercials, Mullets

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The new “commercial” is up. I gotta tell you, my brother is a very funny dude. I just wish that the other aspects of the video could do his talent justice. The Extended “directors” version will be up soon. I had some technical difficulties with the version posted ( I actually had a much better version created until a program crash wiped out every bit of the improved version@!@!!) So with life happening,i.e. real job, kids,church and the love of my life (The One), I will rework this baby to make it worth everyone’s time to revisit the 2 mullet maned, RAWK lovin’, hawkers of Ted Nugent’s New Drinks. I tell you what….It’ s Good!

p.s The Long Directors Cut will give you an informative “behind the scenes look” at the making of a rockin’ commercial and two southern gentlemen and their love for all things Nuge and tasty. Leave us a note Ya’ll!

Another One Bites The Dust

Apr 29, 2008 in Commercials, Energy Drinks, Mullets

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Finished “shooting” our new video for an awesome new product. I just hope that ,after editing, our families are not as embarrassed by us as they were during the shooting……It’s gonna be GREAT!
Stay tuned….same brotime, same

Mullets, Energy Drinks, and Wild Game Huntin’…

Apr 29, 2008 in Energy Drinks, Mullets, Wild Game, YEE HAW!

Bro Stephen and I will be shooting a new video this Friday. So all of you fans of late night commercials and mullets, tune in next week at for a belly full of whatever it is we got cookin’ up.

dsto’s Monday!or You Can’t Handle the Truth!

Apr 29, 2008 in Mondays, New Video

Monday, April 7, 2008

I know, I know…Mondays…They stink.For the majority of America it is the start of a new week at the grind.You just had yourself 2 days of bliss and now you end up back at work to start another week of hades. Let’s see if we can start this one out a bit better than usual.
If you’re are reading this you may already know that we have a site of original videos that are meant to please. Hopefully you find them humorous and come back often to see what is new and to leave a comment or 10. If you have come across this blog by chance skip all this talking and reading crud and check out the new video “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” at and while you are there see the others we have. Then come back and leave us your thoughts.
Have a great time and come back often!


Apr 29, 2008 in Welcome

Originaly postedThursday, April 3, 2008

welcome to the blog for
Brothers Studios. Feel free to leave any comments about our videos. Also you can leave any ideas for future videos.

Again welcome,
Brother Stephen