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The Panasonic GH3 announced

Sep 30, 2012 in It's News To You, New Gear







When Panasonic made the announcement for the GH3, my Christmas wish list was instantly filled.

Check out Philip Bloom and his work on the Panasonic produced film “Genesis”

Some serious low light capabilities. And only $1299 for the body only. 

I want to get my hands on one.


VF (View Factor Studios) Marker Slate App In Action!!

Dec 30, 2011 in New Gear

For those that were interested in seeing the VF Marker Slate app for the IPad in action. Here is a short BTS shot of it in a real world application.  The audio is straight from camera (GH-13), not from external audio and shotgun mic.



As you can see, there is no time code. The clock runs continuously. You can change the name of the production/movie, the shot,scene and take. You can mark FPS for future reference. You can also designate whether it is Cam A or Cam B.

Very basic functions, but effective for my use. The only issue that I have with it? I wish the tone were a few decibels louder. It’s not bad, just not as good as it could be. It’s a free app so asking for a alot of pro features implemented is a little much, but I would think that making the audible tone a bit louder would be pretty easy to fix.

All in all, it freaking works. Thanks for the free App View Factor Studios! I will using it alot, and I will sing your praises. And as soon as I win the lottery, I will buy one of your motorized follow focus units.

Im dsto, and I’m out!

Merry Christmas to (and from!) BrothersStudios

Dec 26, 2011 in It's News To You, New Gear

My wonderful daughter gave a wonderful and thoughtful present.

The Tascam Dr-2d

I cannot wait to try it out on a shoot. It will be awfully nice to have smalll compact recorder out in the real world. I will check back with a report on how it goes.

I’m dsto, and I’m out!