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A New Site For A New Division!

Oct 25, 2012 in It's News To You, Updates

Our new division, BrothersStudios Event Productions, has a new site! Check it out here!



Contact us for all of your videography needs you have, from weddings to corporate events. The site is new, so let us know what you think.

The Panasonic GH3 announced

Sep 30, 2012 in It's News To You, New Gear







When Panasonic made the announcement for the GH3, my Christmas wish list was instantly filled.

Check out Philip Bloom and his work on the Panasonic produced film “Genesis”

Some serious low light capabilities. And only $1299 for the body only. 

I want to get my hands on one.


Merry Christmas to (and from!) BrothersStudios

Dec 26, 2011 in It's News To You, New Gear

My wonderful daughter gave a wonderful and thoughtful present.

The Tascam Dr-2d

I cannot wait to try it out on a shoot. It will be awfully nice to have smalll compact recorder out in the real world. I will check back with a report on how it goes.

I’m dsto, and I’m out!




Light ME Up!

Dec 17, 2011 in credits, It's News To You, The Future...

I  was in the initial planning stages of building a lightIng kit that was closer to a proper bit of equipment. I ran across these a while back. Cowboy Studios light kits.



Cowboy Studio Light Kit

 They sell many things for film and still photography. To say they are cheap is an understatement. I’ve read the reviews. They are as cheaply made as possible. But they are also sold extremely cheap too. You can get this kit through Amazon Marketplace for $220.00 and free shipping. A steal. Are they top quality? No! Are they worth the price. I am thinking they are that and a bit more. I mean check out a comparable (?) kit from Lowell.




Lowell Rifa Light Kit

Lowell Rifa Light Kit



 No doubt the Lowell’s are a superior build. But they list for over $3000.00. Lowell and Arri are top of the field for reason, they make fantastic products that are sturdy and do exactly what the pros want them to do. But…..

I am as close as you can get to a NO budget filmmaker. Nobody is handing me any equipment to test or try out or use as an endorsement. I have to find ways to do what I love without the help of the big boys.

So unless Lowell or Arri comes to the rescue, I am going to take a chance on that cheap light kit from Cowboy Studios. I know they are better than I could build myself ( I am not all that handy) for $220.00

I’m dsto, and I’m out!

Light ‘Em Up!

Dec 14, 2011 in Film School, It's News To You

From the guys that filmed the practical FX video demo a few posts ago, a very simple, and effective lighting tutorial. Check this out at the @PhilipBloom website.

The video from site/Vimeo

Sometimes a reminder of basic techniques is exactly what we need!

It says “DSLR” Lighting, but, this applies to everything. Pretty sweet.

The Canon EOS C300 and RED Scarlet (UPDATED LINKS!)

Dec 09, 2011 in It's News To You

Several big announcements occurred in November. If you are a filmmaker , big or small, you’ve seen the bulletins,the blogs,the updates and the debates. If you haven’t heard the news, get out from under your rock.
Finally, the *********Red Scarlet ( essentially the Epic minus some features )

********And Canon EOS C300

are released into the wild.
Alot to digest here. And much to debate about. I,for one, lean toward the C300. I’m a nobody filmmaker , so some of the touted specifics of RED don’t mean alot to me to be blunt. So check out what the pros are saying and figure out for yourselves what will be be best for YOU. Here are a few links to some great info…(watch the films too!)
I’ll start with the Canon bits: (thanks to Stu’s Tweet)

And the Scarlet bits:

And my favorite, a bit of an internal debate of the two, from Stu Maschwitz, writer of The DV Rebels Guide

See?! A lot to think about. A lot of money to spend.
The C300 seems like a lot of money to spend on the surface. But that price seems to be dropping a bit, even before the January release.
The Scarlets price is deceiving. It’s a doorstop without the thousands in “extras” you have to spend to have a shooting camera. The workflow is a little more difficult as well.
These are two worthy cameras. Both have draws. In the end, the price is similar. Pick one and shoot.
I think I choose the Canon C300. The touted lowlight sensitivity of this camera is very compelling. And the filmic look the Canon cameras produce is really appealing as well.
But if RED wants to give a nobody a Scarlet to shoot with, and see how an amateur fares, then bring it on!
All of this camera conflict brings me back to a fundamental of filmmaking; STORY IS KING!
If all you got is pretty pictures…well, you’ll bore me and everyone else.

Crash The Superbowl Part 2(and3)!

Nov 12, 2010 in It's News To You







Click on the image to see our Crash The Super Bowl Entry “Security” and leave a comment!








Click on the image to see our Crash The Super Bowl Entry “Them’s is Good!” and leave a comment!

The Panasonic AG-AF100- The End Is Near!

Oct 14, 2010 in It's News To You, Panasonic Rocks

This news has been out a while…but the release date in December is quickly approaching. DSLR video with all of the functions of a dedicated video camera (XLR inputs, hours of recording time etc..)The Panasonic AG-AF100. For under $5000. If it were in my budget, I’d be all over this. With a lens mount I could even use my Minolta glass!

(Press Release)

Premier AVCCAM Video Camera Combines 4/3” Sensor with Superior Video Quality, Professional Audio Inputs, Variable Frame Rates, SDXC Card Technology *

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 11, 2010) – Panasonic Solutions Company today announced a game-changing AVCCAM HD camcorder, the AG-AF100, the first professional micro 4/3-inch video camcorder optimized for high-definition video recording. Scheduled to ship by the end of 2010, the AG-AF100 will set a new benchmark for digital cinematography.

Targeted at the video and film production communities, the AF100 delivers the shallow depth of field and wider field of view of a large imager, with the flexibility and cost advantages of use with a growing line of professional quality, industry standard micro 4/3-inch lenses, filters, and adapters. The full 1080 and 720 production camera offers superior video handling, native 1080/24p recording, variable frame rates, professional audio capabilities, and compatibility with SDHC and SDXC media.

The design of the AF100’s micro 4/3-inch sensor affords depth of field and field of view similar to that of 35mm movie cameras in a less expensive camera body.  Equipped with an interchangeable lens mount, the AF100 can utilize an array of low-cost, widely-available still camera lenses as well as film-style lenses with fixed focal lengths and primes.

“Designed in consultation with the filmmaking community, the AF100 eclipses the video performance of other cameras in this price range,” said Joe Facchini, Vice President of Sales & Product Management, Media & Production Services, Panasonic Solutions Company.  “Ideal for film schools and independent filmmakers, this affordable, digital cinematography camera employs an advanced professional AVC/ H.264 Hi Profile AVCHD codec compatible with a wide range of editing tools and affordable players.”

The AF100 incorporates a 4/3-inch, 16:9 MOS imager. The camcorder records 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) and 720/60p, 50p, 30p, 25p and 24p (native) in AVCHD’s highest-quality PH mode (maximum 24Mbps). Ready for global production standards, the camcorder is 60Hz and 50Hz switchable.

The AF100 maximizes the potential of its high-resolution imager with built-in ND filtering and dramatically reduced video aliasing. Standard professional interfaces include HD-SDI out, HDMI, time code recording, built-in stereo microphone and USB 2.0. The AF100 features two XLR inputs with +48V Phantom Power capability, 48-kHz/16-bit two-channel digital audio recording and supports LPCM/Dolby-AC3.

This newest Panasonic AVCCAM camcorder is the first to enjoy the benefits of advanced SDXC media card compatibility in addition to existing SDHC card support.  (SDXC is the newest SD memory card specification that supports memory capacities above 32GB up to 2TB). With two SD slots, the AF100 can record up to 12 hours on two 64GB SDXC cards in PH mode

The AG-AF100 will be available by the end of 2010. Panasonic will support the AF100 with a three-year limited warranty (one year plus two extra years upon registration). 

About Panasonic Solutions Company
Panasonic Solutions Company empowers people whose jobs depend on reliable technology. Panasonic Solutions delivers collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for customers in government, healthcare, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Products and services within the company’s portfolio include Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computing solutions, projectors, professional displays (including both plasma and LCD), and HD video acquisition and production solutions. As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic is known for the reliability and longevity of its products. Panasonic Solutions Company is a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, which is the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC).

All brand and company/product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Information on Panasonic Solutions Company’s full line of products can be obtained by calling 877- 803-8492 or at is selling some cool stuff dirt cheap!

Aug 12, 2010 in It's News To You, SGblade and

Head over to, makers of the fantastic SGblade 35mm adapters and great dlsr products(rails,cages,matte boxes,follow focus units, etc…). Great products and they are having some fantastics deals right now for budget filmakers.

(Edit: Just purchased’s on it’s way from across the pond!)

Open Letter

Jun 11, 2010 in Film School, It's News To You, Old Habits the movie, Updates

Dear Friends,

I am about to start the next project for my online filmschool.  My next project (that I have been putting off …well, for months now due to time constraints) is to produce a short film. I have a script ready to roll. The budget is all set. (That was easy because I don’t have anything to spend on it, so it is $0!)

Brief Synopsis of project:

“Old Habits”  (Title subject to change)

Stephen Nolan an ex military sharpshooter/sniper is now a civilian with a wife and a daughter. He receives a cell phone by courier. It rings when he opens the package and he is told his wife and his daughter have been taken hostage. He is told he has to shoot Edgar Marks, the founder and CEO of Computer Software Systems.  The unknown voice says unless he complies, the wife and daughter will be killed. Nolan is instructed when and where to go. He arrives and receives another call.

Nolan then contacts Calvin Adams, an ex army buddy and computer expert. The calls are traced. Who is calling and why are discovered. Nolan then gets the jump on William Crane, the unknown voice. At the time of Edgar Marks arrival (and when Nolan is supposed to kill him) Nolan is in position to take William Crane out and rescue his family.

Film will 10-12 minutes in length.


I am writing to all of you to ask for help. Does anyone want to be involved in making a movie?

There are several roles (acting) that I need filled. The lead role of Stephen Nolan has already been filled by my brother and partner in crime. There is another larger male role (the acting part is bigger..not the male) of William Crane that needs to be filled. That role is, for the majority of the film, a voice over a cell phone. There is a scene at the end when we finally see him so there are a few minutes of on screen time. The wife and daughter of the lead character also need to be filled (although, I am hoping that Luanne and Krisha can do those!) There are also 2 minor characters, both male, that are needed (One is the head of a major corporation and the other is his driver/bodyguard). Both of those are onscreen very briefly, and they have no spoken lines. And finally, the part of an ex-military buddy of the lead who is a computer expert that has a brief, few line appearance. I envisioned this to be a male role as well, but we live in an enlightened Jtime and it could be a female part if needed.

I need help “behind the camera”, with setting up lighting and monitoring those lights (They get hot!). I will need a boom operator (the guy holding the microphone on a boom pole). If I can get a hold of a digital recorder then I may need someone to be in charge of all audio recording. I am trying to be more organized with this shoot, so I will need someone to help me log takes with time code info and take number (kind of like the clapper guy from days of yore).

I believe I have almost everything I need as far as props. (Read further down about how God just rocks! The story of the gun and the idea…) The only prop I can think of that I need is a big one. I was hoping to get a Limo for the scene of the Corporate guy getting dropped off in front of a building, but a super cool car will do. IF all else fails we will use our Milan. As nice as I think our car is, it isn’t a super rich guys car, but It will do in a pinch.

Which leads me to “wardrobe”. The rich guy and his body guard/driver are the only ones that need a “special’ wardrobe, which is just a suit. Whoever plays the rich corporate guy and his body guard will have to wear a suit. Hopefully they will already own one. If not, we will figure something out.


Now on to the cool story of the idea and the gun.   I got the idea for this story one day while at work. As I was tossing the idea around my head, I kept going back to “Where in the world was I going to get a gun that looks like a sniper rifle?!”  (Keep in mind, the idea for this story is all in my head. I have not written anything down, and I have not told a soul about it.) A couple of hours later in that same day, my brother Stephen calls me to tell me there is a guy at work that has this cool air-soft (a super realistic looking BB gun) rifle …with a scope, that he wants to sell and Stephen is going to buy it! Now tell me that God doesn’t rock!  (ed. note- I understand the idea of God and guns is a little strange…”why would God give you a gun!!?!”….but I think God just does really cool stuff sometimes to show us he is God and we are not. So God giving us a “BB gun” for a prop really isnt all that strange to me. I don’t think God would supply me with firearms for anything nefarious….)


 Yes….that is only a BB/pellet gun.

 Let me know if any of you are interested in helping out. It is actually pretty fun. It is a bit time consuming though. When I have an idea of how many people want to be involved, we will work out the times. I imagine it might take a few days ( a few hours at a time ) to complete , so if you  want to help but maybe only one day or whatever, any help would be awesome.